BEFED craft Beer

BEFED beers are the result of the experience and passion of our master brewers, who take care of every stage, from the milling of the barley to tapping.
We scrupulously monitor pressing, hopping, the cooking of the must and, lastly, fermentation. All of this is to offer you excellent and tasty, unpasteurised and uncarbonised, craft beers, each with its own personality, freshness and character, to meet the taste and demands of everyone.

Bottled Beers

BEFED bottled beers have all the qualities of draft beer, but they are fresh and untreated, and are ideal as an accompaniment to our cockerel for fun at home with friends. They should be kept in the fridge at a temperature of 4°C max.

La Bionda & La Rossa (lager and red ale)

BEFED beer can be enjoyed either BIONDA, a German-style lager, or ROSSA, Bavarian bock style.

Special Beers

We also occasionally propose our “seasonal” beers, which are delicious, unique and full of aroma, for a flavour experience that is always different. Currently, the specials include the Blanche, the Strong, the Biscuit and the two specials flavoured with orange and with honey. We have also introduced a gluten-free craft lager.

Behind the label

The BEFED brewery is located in Leinì, in the province of Turin. Leinì was chosen for its strategic position, and for the quality of the water used for production, which is ideal for the various types of beer proposed.

It was built in 2012, and following a period of consolidation, since 2017 it has served as the only production plant for the entire BEFED group.

The production plant has been created in order to use a range of production techniques, allowing us to brew both bottom- and top-fermented beers, all in accordance with the demands of our pubs, in order to ensure that the most popular products are always available.
There are currently nine production lines, three of which are present all year round.