the rooster

The BEFED Rooster is a free-range cockerel breed, an exclusive Vallespluga selection: healthy, genuine and coming from a strictly controlled productive chain that makes it inimitable.
BEFED makes it unique by preparing it every day with endless care, according to the secret BEFED recipe. Our skilled chefs cook them to perfection on open fire and embers, giving you an appetizing, delicate, tender Rooster with a fine and slightly spicy taste.

The BEFED Rooster does not contain gluten at the origin and is ideal for those who like to eat in a genuine way, as the Mediterranean diet wants. We serve it with a side dish of French fries, BEFED sauce and toast.

For those who prefer an alternative to potatoes, the BEFED Rooster can also be served with tasty grilled veggies, a delicious natural side dish of diced and grilled selected vegetables.