Our Roosters grow in harmony with the nature that surrounds them in the uncontaminated atmosphere of the alpine valleys of Valchiavenna.

Every day we carefully check our Roosters and give them only certified feed and water from our mountains.

An integrated and sustainable supply chain, using only renewable energy sources, completely run by Vallespluga, because our mission for three generations has been the respect for our Valley and our Roosters.
Thanks to our passion for what we have been doing for over 50 years, the Vallespluga’s Red Badge has conquered the Italians’ tables with a tasteful and genuine product.

A unique cockerel: Rooster Vallespluga!

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It all began in 1920 in the Netherlands. In almost 100 years we have understood that a delicious product can only be obtained from a unique raw material, cultivated with love: the right combination of tradition and innovation. We select the best potatoes, guaranteeing quality and authenticity from the field to your dish thanks to our technology and constant controls.

All this allows us to be close to our raw material and to manage large plots with the same attention of a small garden. For us, offering the best product means making a good and sustainable product. We constantly reduce the environmental impact of our production by reducing the use of water and using renewable sources of electricity. In almost a century of history we have steadily grown through the construction of new plants and acquisitions, in Europe and throughout the world.

Quality and innovation come together to guarantee a new taste experience!

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