befed franchising

BEFED Franchising was born from the desire to let people taste the unique and original BEFED Rooster and the excellent BEFED Craft Beer.

Since 1996, BEFED has developed a new concept of catering: a chain that has evolved, opening after opening, for the uniqueness of its formula, for the quality of raw materials and for the professionalism of the staff.

BEFED’s mission is to become one of the most important Italian catering chains, focusing on competence, experience and constant attention for quality.

Our affiliate program offers two investment opportunities: the EASY PUB or ORIGINAL PUB.

The ORIGINAL PUB: large sizes, evening entertainment and a wide selection of food and drinks.

Starting estimated investment FROM 300.000 euro.

The EASY PUB: smaller sizes, reduced menus, ideal for shopping centres.

Starting estimated investment FROM 150.000 euro.

For further information, please write us to affiliazioni@befed.it or contact our support via form or live chat.