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Saturday 16 September

Musica Live

We look forward to seeing you at our venue for a great evening!
Magic, soap bubbles and lots of fun.
☎️ For info and reservations call us at 0421 184 6200
Saturday 16 September

Live Music

Acoustic duo
with Jessica Moschino and Gianluca Danieli
☎️ For info and reservations call us at 0421 184 6200

Opening Hours

Lunedì 12.00-15.00 - 18.30-23.00
Martedì 12.00-15.00 - 18.30-23.00
Mercoledì 12.00-15.00 - 18.30-23.00
Giovedì 12.00-15.00 - 18.30-23.00
Venerdì 12.00-15.00 - 18.30-23.00
Sabato 12.00-15.00 - 18.30-23.00
Domenica 12.00-15.00 - 18.30-23.00


Where We Are

BEFED Jesolo, located at Laguna Shopping, makes large spaces its strong point. The availability of multiple rooms, each with its own characteristics allows us to adapt to the needs of all customers, whether those looking for a somewhat secluded place or those who prefer to listen and party to the music of BEFED radio, those who prefer to be outside on our veranda or terrace, and those who prefer to follow sporting events on the big screen.

BEFED Jesolo is the go-to place for residents and tourists who want to enjoy the inimitable barbecued Galletto with one of our craft beers.

What characterizes us is a special attention to the customer, especially families and children, who can find peace of mind here in Jesolo to consume their favorite dishes away from the hustle and bustle of the more touristy streets.

BEFED Jesolo staff manage to create a special bond with all customers by placing special attention to service while always maintaining a friendly attitude typical of the BEFED spirit.

We are waiting for you!