c/o CC Laguna Shopping
Piazza Venezia, 16 - 30016 Jesolo (VE)

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One of the strengths of BEFED Jesolo, situated at the Laguna Shopping Centre, is the ample space it offers. The availability of different dining areas, each with its own characteristics, allows us to adapt to every customer’s demands, whether they are looking for a quieter spot, or whether they prefer to listen to the music of Radio Befed and have fun; whether they want to stay outside on our veranda or on the terrace, or watch sports events on the big screen.
BEFED Jesolo is a popular spot for both resident and tourists looking to enjoy our unique grilled Rooster with one of our Craft Beers.
What distinguishes us is the particular attention we pay to our customers, especially to families and children, who, here in Jesolo, can find a relaxing spot to enjoy their favourite food, far from the frenzied and more tourist-oriented streets.
The staff at BEFED Jesolo create a special bond with all their customers, paying particular attention to service while maintaining that friendly attitude that is typical of the BEFED spirit.
We look forward to seeing you!