BEFED in bites

Fun facts from the world of BEFED

The head BEFED master brewer

The head BEFED master brewer is Daniele. Originally we made real ale; unpasteurised, unfiltered and bottom-fermented. The first beers were La Bionda (lager) and La Rossa (red ale), which were joined by a third type, La Speciale.

The name is spelled BEFED and is pronounced BEFED

The word BEFeD, written like this, has no meaning in any language, stressing the original nature of the name and what it represents, but at the same time, it is composed of the initials of the four founding partners, highlighting that they were the first people to believe in the project, to the extent that they used their own initials - just like on a quality, tailor-made monogrammed shirt -, indicating care in choice and ownership.

Rule no. 1


Rule no. 5

You will have no other beer but our own

We like to call them BAGIGI!

Our pubs always have peanuts, and they are perfect with our Rooster. But remember... in our pubs, the shells MUST be thrown on the floor.

Do you know what makes our Rooster so unique?

We do, but we can’t tell you!o 🤐