due persone mangiano con le mani il nostro galletto

“Use cutlery, don’t eat with your hands!” . How many times did you hear this phrase as a child? It’s a mantra we were all told by our parents, who were convinced that eating with our hands could be unhygienic and unhealthy and – above all – against every rule of good manners. This, however, couldn’t be farther from the truth! And science says so!

Since the beginning, we at BEFED have adopted the idea that eating with your hands is a synonym for joy, sharing, and a way to savor food even more. And indeed, our chanterelle is the perfect food to be enjoyed with your hands, and we have always been very proud of it! Over the years, scientific research has proven us right, dispelling a false myth that has been with people since an early age. Curious to know more about it? Here are a few facts!


We say YES to eating with our hands at a young age: green light to instinct.


Recent research from the University of Nottingham, published in none other than the British Medical Journal, has shown that children left free to eat with their hands develop a greater awareness of food and ingredients and a better relationship with food in general. Without going into details now, (if you want to find out more, you can read this interesting article), it was made clear how starting from the age of weaning, eating with your hands stimulates curiosity and interest in food and makes mealtime playful and fun.

It is no coincidence that toddlers also adore BEFED, so we have created a menu specifically for them to enjoy strictly with their hands!


And what about grown-ups? The benefits of eating with your hands for adults


Science has proven that eating with your hands is good for every age!

As with children, experiencing food with your hands increases awareness of what you are eating. The sense of satiety tends to increase and – with it – the perception of satisfaction.. Eating with your hands generally leads to taking more time, focusing on the present moment, and experiencing the meal consciously, without hurry and stress.

It is no coincidence that many nutritionists and dietitians recommend eating with your hands to re-establish a healthy relationship with food.


Beyond the scientific benefits, we at BEFED have always been convinced that eating with your hands makes lunches and dinners more fun, informal, and playful.

It is still an uncommon practice in Italy – and in the Western countries in general – due to cultural issues. And that is a shame. In some countries, eating with your hands is an integral part of the people’s culture and customs. Consider India, Thailand, Morocco, Senegal, and most African nations. If you have ever traveled to any of these countries, you will surely have noticed how eating with your hands leads to greater sharing and usually a sense of freedom and a carefree experience.


Still having doubts? Come to BEFED and try our chanterelle strictly with your hands! We’re willing to bet you’ll lick your fingers too, and you won’t be able to do without eating with your hands anymore!