BEFED FRANCHISING GROWS: The Gallo’s brand joins the BEFED family

The opening of the BEFED Vago pub on 26 May marked the beginning of the process of transition that by autumn will see all four Gallo’s establishments in Verona become part of the BEFED Franchising group.

The first to change its name is the Ex-Gallo’s Vago pub, a venue in the midst of a centuries-old park in Lavagno (VR), open exclusively during the summer period. The menu has been revised, providing ample room for the most popular BEFED products, the grilled cockerel and Craft Beer, while continuing to offer a wide selection of sandwiches, vegetarian options and dishes for smaller children, as well as Ribs, a product recently launched by the franchise.

The Vago pub is characterised by ample and well-equipped spaces to entertain children (and adults too) and make sure they have fun; from slides to trampolines, and from inflatables to beach tennis courts.

Families, groups of friends and couples can relax, as at BEFED Vago they will find the same familiar and relaxed atmosphere they have always enjoyed.

BEFED Vago si trova in Via Quattro Strade, 12 – 37030 LAVAGNO (VR)

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